The New Barn
Lots of light and air by design.  Most stalls are on the shed row style wings.
Polygal panels in use on ends of barn and between roof elevations

Architecture by Blackburn Architects, P. C.
Stall components by Lucas Equine

We opted for drop down panels on our
aisle side doors

Dutch doors on the back side also
have a screen so that both top and
bottom can be open in warm weather  

Light switches and outlets are built into
the door post

doors are kept closed using a pin
Beautiful sliding doors allow
us to close off the center

The center aisle contains:
office/tack room
vet exam stock
wash areas
foaling stalls
stallion/isolation stalls  
Two large foaling stalls have
full screen fronts for visibility
and can be observed through
windows from the tack room
and the office upstairs
Construction by Advanced Construction